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New! – Tom Zoebelein: An Independent Tax Tribunal Comes to Alabama.


  Tom Zoebelein on Automating the tax function within a practice.

  The UAB Excellence in Business Top 25 Class of 2014 Includes Steve Moore and PBLM!

  Tom Zoebelein on how the IRS’s new Tangible Property regulations may effect your business.

  Hal “Buzz” Coons, III on the most profitable hour you’ll spend as a Physician-Owner.

Articles for July 2014

Tax and Financial News

Taxpayer Bill Of Rights

July 2014
Most people think that they are at the mercy of the IRS. They think they have no rights whatsoever – but they are wrong. Taxpayers have always had certain rights in dealing with…

General Business News

Will Uncle Sam Show Up at Your Yard Sale?

July 2014
Yard sale, tag sale or garage sale – whatever you call it in your part of the country, this is the season for them. Most people are interested in yard sales as a way to pick up deals…

Stock Market News

The Fed Reassures, The Market Responds

July 2014
The dog days of August arrived two months early as trading volumes on major exchanges slowed in an apparent response to the start of the World Cup in Brazil. Whether the early…

Financial Planning

Selling Your Business to Pay for Retirement

July 2014
Many small business owners get so immersed in day-to-day operations that they don’t take the time to consider long-range plans, such as retirement. But even for those who are able to…

What’s New in Technology

Technology: Staying Safe on Public Wi-Fi

July 2014
Look around any coffee shop, hotel lobby or airport lounge and you’ll see people working online, checking email or any one of a number of different tasks on their notebook, tablet or smartphone. It’s…

Tip of the Month

Intellectual Property – Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

July 2014
In today’s competitive business environment fueled by the Internet and e-business, understanding what intellectual property means and finding ways to stop competitors from stealing your ideas is…

Congress at Work

Congress at Work: Protecting Citizens, Encouraging Small Business Growth

July 2014
There was a flurry of activity in Congress in June, with themes focused on protecting citizens and encouraging small business growth. There’s even…

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Making the Best Choice: Should You Rent or Buy Your Next Home?

Plan a Stress-Free Family Vacation

Planning Your Wedding: Important Early Steps

Property Taxes: How to Pay Only What You Owe On What You Own

Record Retention Guidelines

Six simple steps to starting your own business

Things to Know Before Applying for Social Security Benefits


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