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  Tom Zoebelein: An Independent Tax Tribunal Comes to Alabama.

  Tom Zoebelein on Automating the tax function within a practice.

  The UAB Excellence in Business Top 25 Class of 2014 Includes Steve Moore and PBLM!

  Hal “Buzz” Coons, III on the most profitable hour you’ll spend as a Physician-Owner.

Articles for January 2015

Tax and Financial News

2015 Tax Deduction, Exemption and Credit Update

January 2015
It is that time of the year again. The Internal Revenue Service has announced its annual adjustments for 2015 tax provisions. Many…

General Business News

Technology for 2015: What’s in Store?

January 2015
With automation increasing at breakneck speed, what will 2015 provide businesses? Whether it’s reaching out to customers to make a sale or searching for potential candidates…

Stock Market News

Year-End Performance Brings Good Cheer

January 2015
The end of the year brought glad tidings to Wall Street. During Christmas week, investors saw some impressive records set with the Dow Jones Industrials closing above 18,000…

Financial Planning

Back-up Plan in Case of Dementia

January 2015
Whether suffering from outright dementia, Alzheimer’s or even just more frequent “senior moments,” by about age 70 the human brain experiences a decline in fluid…

What’s New in Technology

Technology: Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

January 2015
A new year brings fresh determination to establish goals. Alongside the perennial favorites, why not take a minute to think about some resolutions to improve…

Tip of the Month

Tip: Start Now for Tax Savings Later

January 2015
Procrastinators rarely seize the opportunity to leverage tax breaks to the max. In order to fully benefit from the range of deductions available, small business owners must…

Congress at Work

Congress at Work: Fiscal Year Budget Passed, With Extras

January 2015
The 113th Congress, coming to a close, passed the second fewest laws of any Congress since 1947. Thanks to an outright sprint to the finish, the legislative body passed 96 bills…

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