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  Tom Zoebelein: An Independent Tax Tribunal Comes to Alabama.

  Tom Zoebelein on Automating the tax function within a practice.

  The UAB Excellence in Business Top 25 Class of 2014 Includes Steve Moore and PBLM!

  Hal “Buzz” Coons, III on the most profitable hour you’ll spend as a Physician-Owner.

Articles for September 2014

Tax and Financial News

8 Things that Could Trigger a Business Audit

September 2014
Whether you’re doing taxes for your own business or a client’s business, the small – but real – possibility exists for an…

General Business News

Freelancers: Use Them or Forget About Them?

September 2014
According to, four in 10 workers will be independent contractors by 2020. Whether or not this materializes, the tepid…

Stock Market News

Dow Hits High, Fed Signals No Changes

September 2014
August was a banner month for the bulls. On August 25, the Standard & Poor’s 500 halted its earlier reversal to hit the 2,000 benchmark for the first time ever. The impact of…

Financial Planning

Is Your Estate Settlement Ready?

September 204
If you were to pass away today, would your surviving spouse, children and/or team of professional advisors know all of the relevant details necessary to settle your…

What’s New in Technology

Making Social Media Marketing Really Count

September 2014
Social media marketing is a tool many entrepreneurs just cannot ignore. However, the cost and time needed can be difficult for marketers with relatively small…

Tip of the Month

TIP: Productivity for Entrepreneurs

September 2014
Rather than increase our leisure time, business technology – especially smart phones and tablets – seems to have extended our work hours…

Congress at Work

Congress at Work: Activity Before the ‘District Work Period’ (aka 5-Week Summer Vacation)

September 2014
Veterans’ Access to Care through Choice, Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 (H.R. 3230) – Sponsored by Hal Rogers, a Republican from Kentucky, this is the bipartisan…

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Choosing the Right Corporation

Common-Sense Tactics for Getting the Best Deal on a New Car

Five Basic Financial Tips for Young Couples

How to Beat Credit Card Debt in 7 Simple Steps

How to Plan For a Long Life with Longevity Insurance

Making the Best Choice: Should You Rent or Buy Your Next Home?

Plan a Stress-Free Family Vacation

Planning Your Wedding: Important Early Steps

Property Taxes: How to Pay Only What You Owe On What You Own

Record Retention Guidelines

Six simple steps to starting your own business

Things to Know Before Applying for Social Security Benefits


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