Audit & Assurance Services

Our qualified CPAs examine financial records, transactions, and procedures to ensure your financial statements properly reflect your business at the time of the audit. PBLM’s audit professionals are committed to maintaining professional audit standards and quality by working closely with clients to maximize our understanding of their systems and operations.

During the process, we:

  • Obtain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of our client's business
  • Exceed your expectations by assessing risk property and planning the appropriate combinations of work
  • Maximize efficiency by delivering our audit service on time according to plan and to budget
  • Develop our people by giving them support and opportunities the need to generate value for you
  • Utilize the latest technology and auditing techniques to streamline the audit process
  • Communicate continuously by remaining accessible and responsive to you throughout the audit engagement
  • Suggest organizational changes to better safeguard assets and to improve internal control systems